Okay never mind my last message! I knew it was from a screen cap but I was hung up on the shadows and all that but yeah. Nevermind.


Ah !! so you’re the one who said it was traced >.< ! I didn’t receive your first message so I take it it has been eaten by the tumblr app, my bad. I apologize for the way I reacted in the other message..

Personally I don’t think it was traced. I mean for me a traced drawing would really look more similar and tbh the fact that this girl is selling it is not really an issue because I would have put the image on my society6 account sooner of later anyway, and in both our cases it would be wrong because you shouldn’t make profit of fanart :/

BUT. that being said, maybe I’m a total bitch, I don’t know, but for me there are worse things than tracing, and it’s in that order :

1. REPOSTS. Seriously guys. If you do that I’m gonna report you, and I did, several times.

2. EDITS : So this is something people on tumblr like to do. I know, I know, it’s not a bad thing for you. Well for me it’s kind of the equivalent of you saying ‘I like your drawing but I would like it more this way’ which is pretty rude. Also I spend a lot of time working on my colors. and to see you changing them, most of the time to hyper saturated things with even more texture…… please don’t. Your edit isn’t bad or ugly. It’s just that I thought of my art one way and to see it put differently is really awkward and makes me uncomfortable.

3. People asking for my brushes/textures/how I draw : I know you mean well, but it’s my pet peeve. As if by knowing someone’s brushes you could learn their style ? Think about it. If you had someone else’s pencil would you be able to draw like them all of a sudden ? I know for most of you asking it’s not like that, but I’ve received some asks that were specifically asking so they could copy my art style, and I used to be very paranoid about it, like what if someone copies me and does it better or smth like that…… the end it’s all very pointless. What makes your art yours is the part of you you put in it. That’s what makes it look good.

And then, yes, tracing. You can use my pieces as reference (as long as you use the mighty CREDIT word), but I would strongly advice anyone doing so, whether it’s for my art or other people’s not to do it, for the good and simple reason that to you it might seem correct, anatomically… but it often isn’t. Taking pictures as reference or videos would be better, traced or not traced, alright ?

Hey, I've just had someone accuse me of stealing your siren art and I just wanted to explain before you got the wrong idea, basically my friend asked me to draw them for her birthday and sent me the screen cap she wanted drawing, and then she sent me your art of them kissing because the screencap wasn't clear at all and I was drawing from my phone, this person has made like three posts calling me a thief and please don't believe them I'm trying so hard to earn money my card got rejected the -

heey there ! don’t worry no one sent me messages screaming about you tracing my art ! Besides, I checked your blog to see the post and if you ever traced anything it must have been the original shot from the show right ?? I mean, this is a pretty iconic moment for Simon and Kieren and I believe the only time we see them kissing from afar. I drew that moment according to the way it happened in the tv show, and I’m sure you did, too. Besides the colors aren’t the same, the drawing style isn’t the same… for me it’s really obvious you didn’t trace my drawing.

Also I don’t see the point of that person because she/he didn’t message me to warn me so…… why ?? I mean why harrass you if it’s not to warn me of potential thieves ?

I’m posting this so you can reblog it and maybe the harassement will stop.

But i’m putting it out there, I didn’t invent the glue !! that shot from ITF has been gifed at least 50 times so I don’t think I was the only one inspired by it.


I need to focus on commissions right now (and my actual job) so I’ll start posting some of them soon, but you won’t get more original art for some time ! Sorry guys :/

Season 2 of Gravity Falls just started and with it a ton of teenage mystery twins headcanons… Bonus pic with Pacifica’s incredulous face when confronted to 17 yo Dipper ! 

Does he know where your lips begin&#160;? (x)

10 min doodle to test new brushes&#160;!

Does he know where your lips begin ? (x)

10 min doodle to test new brushes !

And it seems I speak Like waters leak And I&#8217;m losing friends, oh (x)

There are no words to express how heartbroken I was during that scene

And it seems I speak
Like waters leak
And I’m losing friends, oh (x)

There are no words to express how heartbroken I was during that scene

'You should see him. He's beautiful.'

Can&#8217;t stop, won&#8217;t stop&#160;! This one goes straight to finnickscatchingwater&#160;!

'You should see him. He's beautiful.'

Can’t stop, won’t stop ! This one goes straight to finnickscatchingwater !

I have a mild obsession with Kieren&#8217;s puppy face. Please send help&#160;!

I have a mild obsession with Kieren’s puppy face. Please send help !

Because there’s what I believe.. and then there&#8217;s you.

Guess who&#8217;s been watching In the flesh&#160;?? This one goes straight to paticmak for getting me into it -I HATE YOU NOW I HAVE STRONG FEELINGS ABOUT UNDEAD BOYFRIENDS WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO ME- Go watch it if you haven&#8217;t&#160;!! It&#8217;s really great&#160;!

Because there’s what I believe.. and then there’s you.

Guess who’s been watching In the flesh ?? This one goes straight to paticmak for getting me into it -I HATE YOU NOW I HAVE STRONG FEELINGS ABOUT UNDEAD BOYFRIENDS WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO ME- Go watch it if you haven’t !! It’s really great !



Hey guys ! Long story short, I’m moving to Germany so…It’s commission time again ! I had to raise the prices a little because of the USD/EURO currency, sorry guys…

So. here are the rules :

  •  I am opening 10 slots for character sketches
  • 15 slots for character headshots
  • 5 slots for character portraits
  • 10 slots for character illustrations
  • I accept paypal only (paypal fees are up to you)

So here you go ! If you are interested, please send an email to with the title ‘summer commission’ !

Hey guys ! I still have some shots left, and I’m having a real hard time with money right now so.. if you’re considering to help, I would give you my eternal love and admiration ;.; (by the way, I say ‘OC’ but it can be an existing character or person, okay ?)