Marion. 23. visual development artist.

Hi ! I’m Marion, 23, and I’m now working as a designer at Studio Soi. I’m specialised in illustration and visual development. I have several comics projects on the way ! Concerning my techniques, I often use pencil sketches that I scan and tweak on Photoshop, but lately I’m doing more and more digital work . CG animation wise, I’m using Autodesk Maya and Nuke for compositing. I’m specializing in Lighting and Textures (Photoshop, Mari, Mudbox)

ask me anything ! -anons will be answered on askgalaxyspeakingahoy-

So I went to the zoo last week end, and I spent quite a lot of time studying monkeys and apes. I must say that I did not expect to be as fascinated as I was, but the chimpanzees body language and general behavior was quite interesting to say the least.

There was this bonobo mother, holding her child just like a human would, and she was stroking its hair. Another one - a male I think-, just stared at me, not through me, and it gave me goosebumps.

But the thing that really got to me was this little human child, looking at a young bonobo, who was also staring at him, from the other side of the glass. The child didn’t move, didn’t say a thing, for a few minutes. And then he put his hand on the glass, and the bonobo mirrored him. Everyone was in awe, and as I mentally cursed the fact I didn’t have any camera or notebook to draw the scene, I was moved.

I remember thinking about how bonobos share 98% of their genome with us human beings. And then it hit me. 2%. That’s what was separating the human child from the bonobo. 2% and they could have swapped places .

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