Marion. 23. visual development artist.

Hi ! I’m Marion, 23, and I’m now working as a designer at Studio Soi. I’m specialised in illustration and visual development. I have several comics projects on the way ! Concerning my techniques, I often use pencil sketches that I scan and tweak on Photoshop, but lately I’m doing more and more digital work . CG animation wise, I’m using Autodesk Maya and Nuke for compositing. I’m specializing in Lighting and Textures (Photoshop, Mari, Mudbox)

ask me anything ! -anons will be answered on askgalaxyspeakingahoy-

Maybe some of you remember this. I found these pages half-finished, so I decided that I needed to clean them up !

They’re pages from ninemilestogo's Perpendicular. For those who don’t know, it’s a super good fanfic that made me ship MJ and Peter like there’s no tomorrow !

There was a third page, but I can’t find it so I will have to draw it again, I guess…

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