Denise : a Supinfocom graduation movie, coming in 2014

Denise is the story of an obese young woman, going on a hiking trip to Easter Island. Despite her little ‘problem’ (she has trouble moving around, is easily exhausted, etc), she decides to walk through the island, and enjoy its beautiful landscapes and mysterious statues. Denise is a journey towards self acceptance and achievement.

Hey guys ! I realized recently that I kept telling you that I had a lot of work on my graduation project, but I never talked about it here on tumblr ! So here we are, Denise… I wrote the first script on my own almost 2 years ago, as well as the first concepts. Then, I had the chance to work with the best classmates I could ever wish for, so we’re now 6 working on Denise, co-directing it and trying to make the movie as beautiful and moving as possible !

So yeah, the original idea was by yours truly, and because of it, I’m the lead director, but I’m also in charge of all the visual developement and concepts annnd.. lead lighting artist.  Yup. total dictatorship going on here !

This movie will be done entirely in cg, with Autodesk Maya, but we’re trying to stick with the 2D look of the concepts I did ! And let me tell you it’s definitely a challenge >.< !

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