Marion. 23. visual development artist.

Hi ! I’m Marion, 23, and I’m now working as a designer at Studio Soi. I’m specialised in illustration and visual development. I have several comics projects on the way ! Concerning my techniques, I often use pencil sketches that I scan and tweak on Photoshop, but lately I’m doing more and more digital work . CG animation wise, I’m using Autodesk Maya and Nuke for compositing. I’m specializing in Lighting and Textures (Photoshop, Mari, Mudbox)

ask me anything ! -anons will be answered on askgalaxyspeakingahoy-

Happy valentine’s day ! This is an extra card I did today (so it goes along with the rest of them here !), because I’ve been hooked on the Mindy project all week and I wanted to draw a card for myself ! So here’s Mindy and Danny. I don’t think I can ship anything harder because they’re perfect for each other !

I don’t know if it would interest people to buy the $5 printable, because no one suggested this awesome ship, but if you do, you can send me an email at with the title ‘valentines 2014’.

So yeah, again Happy valentine’s day everyone ! Single or in a relationship, I hope you’re enjoying it :D

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