Marion. 23. visual development artist.

Hi ! I’m Marion, 23, and I’m now working as a designer at Studio Soi. I’m specialised in illustration and visual development. I have several comics projects on the way ! Concerning my techniques, I often use pencil sketches that I scan and tweak on Photoshop, but lately I’m doing more and more digital work . CG animation wise, I’m using Autodesk Maya and Nuke for compositing. I’m specializing in Lighting and Textures (Photoshop, Mari, Mudbox)

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Can your version of tiger Lilly be not such a gross stereotype? I mean, I love Peter pan, but that whole powwow thing is pretty racist in retrospect.

Ah ! I didn’t have the chance to see this. I don’t know what you call a big stereotype, but I have next to no knowledge when it comes to native americans, as I’m french and we don’t learn American history. This is both a good and a bad thing I think, because on one hand, I don’t have a subjective point of vue, but on the other hand, I don’t have a good representation of native americans. Also the fact there is ‘indians’ in Peter Pan always makes me wonder if I shouldn’t try to make male tiger lily an aztec prince or a real Indian prince (meaning, from India). I don’t know. I’m still thinking about it !

hi! I have been a longtime fan of Peter Pan and I was so excited to see your Petra Pan appear on my dashboard, it's one of my favourite things to have shown up!! I was wondering what you've thought up for Tiger Lily's male counterpart? Or if you haven't made one that's totally cool too I'm just curious! Have a great day!!

Awwww thank you ! I’m so glad when people come and tell me they liked it, because I see so much rule63 fanarts these days, and I’m thinking ‘Can I really make a story out of it, or should I just leave at that…’

So..; I have thought about Tiger Lily’s counterpart, but I have yet to produce a design ! Be sure I’ll draw him as soon as I can though, It’s just that I’m a little bit overwhelmed with commissions at the moment ;.; !

And have a great day too ! You can drop by any time, my dear !

okashido asked
Does Petra Pan's Hook use Voodoo?

Hmmm I don’t think so ! I do love Voodoo, but I can’t picture Hook as some kind of priestess/sorceress, she’s already too busy being a pirate and handling her crew ! Ms. Flee, however, loves making potions, and chemical experimentations to help the ship be more efficient during attacks !

Heeey it’s done ! Thanks to you livestream buddies ! So you can have Tinker Bell and Petra, being kinda bitchy about Wren. Only one of them actually means what he/she’s saying though !

The livestream is over ! And it worked, yeah ! It has been very pleasant to be able to talk to you guys, and as a result here is what I’ve drawn. Some Petra Pan AND Tinker Bell ! Look how happy they a- okay they totally are grumpy little shits. Anyway ! I’ll do another livestream soon to color this line but it took me 3 hours to get this damn line done so I’m posting it anyway !

'Behold Joan, Queen of the Mermen !'

'wait….WHAT ?!'

So here’s my christmas present to all of you, I feel terrible, it’s not even christmas themed ! I gained a lot of followers this year, almost 9k already, and it’s all thanks to my silly little Petra Pan. So I thank you with all my heart, hope you’ll like it !

Petra Pan, the Girl who wouldn’t grow up : a masterpost

Hi guys ! I know an old Petra Pan masterpost exists somewhere, but it’s actually not mine, it’s reposted, so if you could just… not reblog it and maybe reblog / like this one instead, it would be super nice and super cool of you :3 ! The other one has like…. 87k of notes so it’s really cool to know that so many of you liked my art, but it’s not even credited so I didn’t know it was so popular before a friend of mine showed it to me ?

Besides, this one really has the full series -with Ms. Flee and the lost girls included- and I would be really happy if they could get the love they deserve !

Petra Pan // The Girl who wouldn’t grow up : The Lost Girls

Here is the big Lost girls masterpost I’ve been talking about ! I’m glad these are done, especially when I love them all so much !

Did you think I had forgotten about the lost girls ? No way ! Here’s number 2 ! Hopefully the next and last one will be done soon !


My prints arrived! My gosh Marion, they’re gorgeous! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get these on display, and you can bet I’ll be getting more!

Yaaaay ! I’m happy to see they’re arriving ! I hope I will do some more because this was a lot of fun !