Marion. 23. visual development artist.

Hi ! I’m Marion, 23, and I’m now working as a designer at Studio Soi. I’m specialised in illustration and visual development. I have several comics projects on the way ! Concerning my techniques, I often use pencil sketches that I scan and tweak on Photoshop, but lately I’m doing more and more digital work . CG animation wise, I’m using Autodesk Maya and Nuke for compositing. I’m specializing in Lighting and Textures (Photoshop, Mari, Mudbox)

ask me anything ! -anons will be answered on askgalaxyspeakingahoy-

And now for some character concepts ! The first one is Sparrow, with a few tweaks (his face is less roundish, more square), and the second one is actually a character I’ve had troubles settling the designs with. So here is our evil yet fabulous Night queen. You can find the rest of the work I did on Red here :) !

whoop ! I’m alive, I swear ! I’ve been working hard on making new art for my portfolio, so now that’s it’s done, I thought I could show you guys what I’ve been up to. These are background tests for my story ‘Red' (still don't know if I'll keep that title). After painting and drawing with saturated colors for almost 2 years now, I wanted to try using a more neutral palette.

YEAAAH ! guess who finished coloring these damn pages ? So here is a test for a comic I’m currently writing the script of, called Red.
Hope you enjoy this little preview !

Guess who’s been working on her comic ? I’m currently cleaning and colouring these as a test to see if it could interest people. But I’m still writing the script for the whole comic, so don’t expect this to be final !

Some colored sketches I did for a comic project I’m writing. I’m trying to draw more backgrounds, so I’ll probably post more soon !

Winter by *Mevelan

Some winter inspired illustration. Happy Holiday, everyone !

where we belong by *Mevelan

Yet another piece of my upcoming comic Red ! Those are the two main characters, Sparrow & Phoenix.

falling feathers by *Mevelan

Now a new not so secret graphic novel project, called Red. Random page.